Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Tale Of Two Trades and 1 Chart!

After sitting down with my head trader Eamon Phillips, it became apparent that many people were unaware of the trading cycle. This occurs due to lack of clarity or false hope being projected by other trading companies. Below is an article written by my head trader and professional coach from Veritas Traders!

At VERITAS traders we believe it takes a few years at least to develop a successful trading method. My trading method has been and to some essence still being developed. No trading plan can be successful without gaining your own experience.

It would be far too easy for me to talk about past trades that I have taken, however I am privileged that I am able to share my trading live with our clients in our live trading room on a daily basis. This makes trading a little bit more rewarding.

I am able to teach others how to trade so they can develop their own strategies. However the real benefit is they do this in real market conditions and they gain the valuable, which in turn shortens their learning curve.

First trade of the day.
Entry: 4548 Long
Exit: 4536

Figure 1 First DAX trade stopped out for -12pts

The first trade was a short which cost me 12pts. Why? Because I did not have one of my charts set to my correct time frame.

This occurred whilst our clients were trading with me in our live trading room and we were all stopped out. I reviewed my trade to see what had happened.

  • Did I follow my plan?
  • What my set up right?
  • Was I being emotional because I had lost a trade?
You see all these questions and few more are in my trading plan. Not just the entering and exiting a trade.

What had transpired was I Had one of my charts set to the wrong time frame. I am not sure how it happened but it did. On the 16 April 2009 I edited my trading plan to ensure this does not happen again

Second trade of the day.
Date: Apr 16, 2009
Time: 9:12 AM
Entry : 4339 long
Exit : 4600
Time: 13:45 AM

As you can see it was a big winning trade. My entry was a ‘Bull flag’ setup and as you can see the trade was more profitable.
Key points to a successful trading plan.

· Treat Trading as a business
· Make sure you have the correct hardware and software.
· Know what you are trading.
· This means understand and focus on your chosen market like a sniper. This can

only be achieved by actively watching and trading it for months.
· Rules for trading
· Rules for not trading
· Entry Rules
· Exit rules
· Have rules to know when to walkway after a winning or losing day But mostly

importantly have a trading method that allows…

You to constantly re-evaluate your trading so you stay on top of your game
I hope this article will give you a few tips to make your trading profitable.

Eamon Phillips

If you would like to know a bit more about joining us on a our live trading day. Where you get full interaction and get to see live trades making money! Please place your details in the TradeToWin box above!

Carl Hutchings
Trader and Fund Manager

Monday, 8 June 2009

You Too Can Be A Successful Trader

You Too Can Be A Successful Trader!
It's true anyone can win at trading yet approximately 95% lose
money. So what separates winners from losers? The answer is
simple - it's the mindset of the trader that determines whether he
will win or lose. Here we will look at obtaining a winning mindset.

First, I want to tell you a story which will illustrate perfectly how
important the right mindset is when trading.
Back in the 1980s A trading legend set out to show that anyone
could learn to trade and he taught a group of traders to trade in
just 14 days - the result?

They made over $100 million for him in 4 years and this group
became legendary.

If you read the story of the turtles you will see that the real reason
these traders succeeded was they had:
A simple robust trend following method which they all understood –
but Richard Dennis realized this was not enough, they would have
to apply it, so he taught them confidence in the method.

With this rock solid confidence they then could set about applying it
with discipline which leads me onto the formula for trading success:

A Robust logical simple method + Discipline to apply it = Trading
Of course if you don't have the mindset to apply your system with
discipline you have no system!

Discipline can be hard when your executing your trading plan and
taking loss after loss but you must stick through these periods to
emerge a winner. It requires a deep understanding of what you are
doing and holding your emotions in check which is not easy.

Most traders approach trading with totally the wrong mindset -they
think trading is a walk in the park.

Trading is not easy and you wouldn't expect it to be with the
rewards on offer but there is a huge difference between something
being impossible or achievable.

Richard Dennis probed that anyone could do it and think about it -
he taught traders with no experience, to make millions after just 14
days. Their success was NOT based on method alone - it was based
upon confidence and the discipline to apply it.

So instead of trying to take short cuts - learn trading the right way
and make sure you have a simple system, you are confident in and
can apply with discipline.

Does the above sound simple?

Yes, sure you have to do your homework and pay your dues - but
for doing so, you could be rewarded with a life changing income.

Think of how well the traders did in the experiment above and use it
as an inspiration to learn trading inside out to give you long term

Past Quotes from successful Traders
To be a successful trader, you have to be able to admit mistakes.
People who are very bright don’t make very many mistakes. In a
sense, they generally are correct.
In trading, however, the person who can easily admit to being
wrong is the one who walks away a winner. Besides trading, there is
probably no other profession where you have to admit you’re
wrong. In trading, you can’t hide your failures. Your equity provides
a daily reflection of your performance.
The trader who tries to blame his losses on external events will
never learn from his mistakes. For a trader, rationalization is a
guaranteed road to ultimate failure. - VICTOR SPERANDEO

All traders make mistakes, great traders, however, limit the

Successful speculation implies taking risks when the odds are in
your favour

Don’t force trades. Do not attempt to create an opportunity where
one does not exist.

Happy Trading!!


The first thing for any successful Trader is that they have a clear
objective of WHAT they want to achieve and a clear reason WHY
they want to achieve it.

Without this you will not have the passion and motivation to
withstand the losses and emotions you may experience whilst on
your journey to profitability as a trader.
You should state the above in your trading PLAN,

Your Trading Plan
In all areas of our life we make a plan, we plan what to have for
dinner in the evenings, we plan what we are doing at the weekends,
we even plan what to watch on TV, so why is it we forget to plan

When was the last time you sat down and made a plan for the next
5 years of your life, What holidays you will go on, what
achievements you will accomplish during your journey, who’s life
will you enhance along the way.

A simple plan is one of the most powerful and exciting ways to
achieve some of your most extreme goals and dreams in your life.
Your trading plan should be a document that sets out exactly what
you want in your life, what you want to achieve through trading and
a plan of how you will achieve this. (Strategy)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

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The Master Class is a powerful one day event that will shift the way you view money and on how money is created.

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For these reasons Carl has put together a Master Class that impacts on your mindset and inspires you giving you the confidence and belief in yourself as well as teaching you the strategies that allowed him and many of his millionaire mentors to become financially free.

Because Carl truly believes in the process he teaches and carries the conviction in his actions he refuses to let anyone leave a single session without making sure they absolutely get what he is teaching 100% and if need be we will stay all night until we do.

We will also learn

  • Learn what the stock market is and why it exists
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    Learn how to protect yourself by using insurance on your shares to limit your downside to 1% And much, much, more......

Successful Trading!