Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Trade For Two Hours And Pay Your Bills!

How would you like to trade for two hours and pay your bills for the month???

With my new Master class I share the simple secrets of the stock market that has allowed me and many of my close friends to retire from work and spend a few hours a week trading the financial markets and live an amazing lifestyle.

As I am so grateful to have received my learning’s from my mentors I now wish to repay the faith they showed in me by passing on my knowledge and sharing the secrets to financial freedom.

By investing just 2 hours a day you could be looking of returns in the thousands over a period of months, and to make sure this becomes a reality I have a very special one time offer that will only last for a short period.

I am now holding my very own Master Class where 10 very special clients will be given my very own personal attention, At this Master Class I will unveil all the secrets behind the stock market strategy that aloud me to retire at 29 and continues to allow me to live an amazing lifestyle.

You will learn the exact strategies my traders and I use everyday to open and close trades and lock in profits that pay the bills.

Not only am I committing to giving you everything I’ve learnt over the last five years, but also included in the price is an amazing series of 1 to1 coaching session with me to make sure you understand the method.

After taking the morning to learn the secrets of the markets we will implement all the strategies live for you in the afternoon to get the exact understanding and make sure everyone’s questions are answered.

In the past I’ve been to many trading seminars were the students have been huddled in a tight room, spoken to for hours and hours and by the end of the weekend 50% of the people leave without a clue to what the stock market is all about and were to start, that’s why my Master Class only has a maximum ten paying students at any one time to make sure each one gets my full undivided attention.

It has been proven that learning in small numbers increase your ability to focus and learn up to 10 times more effectively, the small numbers also allows me to focus on helping each client achieve their individual goals.

So what will you learn
The Walk To Freedom Master Class
This is a powerful, educational, and entertaining Master Class that is designed to stretch and grow you. This program is tailored to having you leave the class with an exact module you can take away and start to implement immediately in order for you to start making money.

Within this Program Carl will unlock your hidden abilities and empower you with all the tools and knowledge you need to change your life forever.

We combine the right positive focused mindset with a few easy to learn millionaire stock market day trading and end of day strategies that will change your life in days and have the money rolling in.

You don’t need any knowledge in the stock market or financial world, Carl’s easy to learn method of teaching and the way he breaks everything down into simple metaphors for everyone to understand makes the whole processes simple and easy.

All you need to do is show up with the commitment and positive energy to change your mindset and financial status forever and Carl will do the rest.
The Master Class is a powerful one day event that will shift the way you view money and on how money is created.

Carl strongly believes that before we can make money we must understand and have the right mindset to deal with money, “most of our day to day problems do not come from money, they come from the lack of money’ T Hav Ecker.

For these reasons Carl has put together a Master Class that impacts on your mindset and inspires you giving you the confidence and belief in yourself as well as teaching you the strategies that allowed him and many of his millionaire mentors to become financially free.

Because Carl truly believes in the process he teaches and carries the conviction in his actions he refuses to let anyone leave a single session without making sure they absolutely get what he is teaching 100% and if need be we will stay all night until we do.

We will also learn

  • Learn what the stock market is and why it exists
  • Learn how to read the charts and know what’s going to happen before it happens.
  • Learn how to find and enter high profit probability, minimal risk trades.
  • Know - precisely - when to sell for maximum profit.
  • Learn what vehicle to use to trade the market, spread bet, CFDs, or shares
  • Spread bet or buy the shares - Ill show you how to beat the market.
  • Learn how to identify and trade key reversal patterns
  • Lean how to Manage your trades for maximum profits & minimum risk implementing our money management strategy.
  • No your potential loss before entering a trade.
    Learn how to protect yourself by using insurance on your shares to limit your downside to 1% And much, much, more......

Successful Trading!

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