Thursday, 28 December 2006

Carl Sets Up Millionaire Mind Camp!

Hi Everyone

Welcome to the coolest blog on the web. Over the next few months I wish to share with you some of the most important information that Ive learnt over the past 2 years that has helped me change my life forever.

First I wish to share with you a little of my background so as we go on over the next few months we have some things in common, and you realise I'm not any one special.

. At the age of four I was told I'd never be able to speak with out any one understanding me.

. I was put into a school for Disabled children due to my speech impediment.

. At the age of six I entered a mainstream school for the first time.

. At the age of 12 I was told to start looking for a new secondary school as I was being expelled from my present one.

. At the age age of 14 I was released from playing football for Chelsea for having a bad attitude and being to small.

. At the age of 16 I was arrested for Robbery in a shop and put in police cells.

. At the age of 18 I played professional football for Brentford FC and was earning 25k per year.

. At the age of 22 I played at Wembley in front off 50,000 fans in a play off Final.

. At the age of 23 I was earning in excess of 90K per year.

. At the age of 27 I was once again heading for lower league football and earning no more than 25k a year, I decided that I no longer wanted to play football for a living and needed to learn some new skill to enable me to achieve my financial dreams.

. At the age of 29 I went into my Managers office and stuck two fingers up to the new 50k Per year contract being offered and retired from football for good.

It took me just two years to learn and implement the skills I learnt from my Millionaire Mentors to be able to build a passive income able to support myself and my new family without the daily pressures of having a job.
I achieved this through mastering 3 different skills

1) The Millionaire Mindset.

2) A knowledge of the property market.

3) Knowledge of the stocks and shares market.

With these 3 new skills I live the life one can only dream off, I travel around the world to the places I most want to visit with my family.

This year alone we`ve been Skiing in the French Alps, Moon buggying in the Sahara Desert, swimming with the turtles in the Caribbean, watching dancing snakes in Marrakesh and swimming with Dolphins in the red sea.

Life really is great and over the next few months I want to share some of my knowledge with you so you can try it out yourself if you wish and start to make a change in your life.


Because I believe everybody should be given the chance to live the life of their dreams, I believe in dreams, Ive lived so many of mine I truly know it is possible to achieve all your desired outcomes, all you need sometimes is someone to show you the right track, just like my Mentors did for me.

Ill be posting my knowledge up on this blog every fortnight but if you wish to take the fast track to learning the Mindset Of A Millionaire which is the fastest way to create wealth please feel free to sign up for a copy of this fabulous book and set yourself on your way to freedom.

Until next week

Live life, Love Life

Carl Hutchings

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Melicamay said...

Carl!!! Wow! I was your No.1 fan at Brentford, and have been looking on the internet for your wearabouts for ages, and FINALLY found this!!! I was completely shocked by it, WELL DONE!!!! Congratulations on turning your life around SO much!!! I dunno if you remember me at all - I wrote to you at BFC and watched every match.
Anyway, I will go and look for your book, WELL DONE again!! If you remember me and wanna get back in touch just to say Hi, please email me ( I am a married Mum f two now - guess I have changed a lot too :)